My Achievements

are with thanks to my horses, but also the many people behind the scenes such as my family, my sponsors and of course my team, Wladimir, Rebecca and Derek, who tirelessly and with great talent look after the well-being of my horses, as well as Sabine Sass and Antonis Petris who help keep the horses in perfect condition. 

A very special thanks goes to my good friend Santina Moral, who has been there as a vet for my horses over the past 30 years. There are also my horse vets, Dr. Magnus Müller, Dr. Perrin, Dr. Ietje Leendertse and Dr. Sebastian Roeme, my physiotherapist and Osteopath Dr. Guray, Dr, Simone Kayser, George Oduro and Dörte Hiller as well as my blacksmith Damien Botkopf. 

And not to forget my assistant Marianne Nolte-Wittland who always watch my back. 

My most important achievements