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Luciana Diniz

It was almost inevitable that Luciana would love horses and riding.  Her family is inspired by horses in various ways.  Her mother, Lica, is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for eight consecutive wins in the Brazilian National Dressage Championships. Luciana’s brothers, Andre and Fabio, have inherited their father Arnaldo’s love of polo.  Her brothers are the top two Brazilian polo players with an 8 and 9 handicaps, respectively.   Originally Luciana was following in her mother’s footsteps.  She rode her mother’s top dressage horse Marko.  This “family horse” was ridden by Lica in the mornings, while Luciana rode in the afternoons, and her grandfather rode on the weekends.  This sweet horse had a strong impact on Luciana at 11 years old.  When he passed away, she was so heartbroken that she did not want to ride anymore.  Luckily, one month later, Luciana decided to start riding again.  She decided not to ride dressage anymore and found her passion in jumping.

The beginning of an exciting career started with her being the Children’s Jumping Champion in Brazil at 12 years old and Junior Jumping Champion at 14 and 18 years old. Luciana left Brazil at 18 years old planning to stay for only one year to train with the Brazilian rider Nelson Pessoa in Europe, but it turned into an extended stay.    After her stay at Pessoa’s stable in Belgium she went to ride by the legendary Alwin Schockemohle.  She also has trained and lived in America for a few years.  After gaining this experience, she decided to start her own business and purchased the facility in Fürstenau. 

With her top horses, Dover, Meautry’s Locarno, Suzie Quattro, Winningmood, As Taro, Son of Marco, Chaman, Night Lover, Calvie, and Lennox, she is successfully underway at major international events. There have been several horses that have played a role in Luciana’s rise to the top of the international sport, but it is her stallion Dover that stands out the most.  The Brazilian stallion shares Luciana’s competitive spirit.  In 1998 he proved exactly what he was made of when he won at the CHIO Aachen show (GER) by winning the Licher Grand Prix as an 8 year old.  Ralph, Lordon, and Graf Grande are some of the earlier mounts that Luciana competed with at major events and championships.  

Luciana is not only talented in riding, but a very intelligent individual as well.  She is fluent in five languages.  On top of managing her riding stables, Luciana is also starting a project called G.R.O.W. to offer workshops and education for the well being. She is also a very dedicated mother to her twin sons, Pedro and Paulo.